We understand Kerala. Through our years of experience travelling in the state we have found some hidden gems which maybe in the form of hotels or villages that stand out in the commercial mix of touristy destinations. You decide when you want to travel and for how many days? You decide how much you want to spend on your travel. We will advice you on the best possible itinerary, not compromising on the beauty of Kerala and the feeling that you get out of your trip. A feeling of being intimate with Kerala.

How are we different?

What we do on the trip? How are we different than the many?

  • We have one dedicated contact on the trip which will assist you in any situation. 
  • our Hotels have worked with the Parent company Anubhav for many years and the benefit of the best rooms would be extended to our guests. 
  • We promote Local, so we will take you to tiny villages and small neighbourhoods where the regular tourists don’t venture. It is here that you will feel the real essence of the state. 
  • We believe in promoting small business’s  and a more private way of touring. We will suggest cafe’s and eateries where you will sit amidst working class people, lo
  • cal families and enjoy your meal.


The famous 4 destinations in Kerala are Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppy, Cochin. While giving you an experience of the famous we believe in staying away from them whenever they over run the peace of mind. We stay amidst them when a hotel even by being in the center still preserves its piece of Calm.

Munnar – Tea Garden. Lakes and more Tea!

Location. Service. Price.

We follow the three guidelines while selecting the hotels. We do not believe that a hotel is only for a night stay. When you wake up to a new day we want you to open your window to a water body or tea gardens and not to a busy city street.

We believe that just a pretty hotel doesn’t serve the purpose. We are a part of the service industry but we don’t like the industrialization of service. Our hotels give you that personal touch right from the check into the moment you leave its premises wanting to come back some day.

We understand that while giving you good hotels we should always keep the price in mind. We have three categories of Hotels where the only thing that separates them is the feeling of luxury, and the Location or the Service remains more or less the same.

A – Room prices vary from ₹2500 – ₹3500 per night. These hotels have clean accommodation and have all the basic facilities.

B – Room prices vary from ₹4500 – ₹6000 per night. These are the good 4-star hotels that have a location to boast of and amenities that deserve a 4-star rating.

C – Room prices are ₹6000 ++. These hotels are often called the boutique and give you an experience of living in a space which is non-commercial. They have the best location that is on offer and the service is impeccable. What really counts is the homely feel they leave you with being professional in their outlook.

We will list our Hotels in the following space shortly.