In our ‘Slow Travel Approach’ of looking at a destination we welcome you to join our next webinar about 3 of our Drift Tours on 27th July 2024. For more details kindly contact our branch offices.

Who we are?

We were founded in 1981 by Shri Arun Bhat. Business was never an idea behind Anubhav, Travel was, and has always been ever since. Anubhav Holidays, discovers new destinations in India while keeping our base in Karnataka. Anubhav Vacations travels with people internationally to distant lands and explores them through the eyes of local culture. We continue to walk the path set by our founder, where growth is just a side effect of wanting to do more creatively.

What we do?

We travel and thats what we love to do. Our itineraries are more inclined to god’s creations than man made structures. We promote destinations and try not to sell them. When you travel with us, appreciating the tour goes hand in hand with falling in love with the place. We believe that the most important thing after ‘itinerary planning’ is the service which we love to extend through our personal touch on all our tours.

Tours Promotion

Domestic Group Tours

We started organizing tours in 1981 with our major focus being on Himachal and later Karnataka. In the recent past, we have reached out to many other states through our DRIFT experiences. Our DRIFT tours take you around various regions of India, blurring state borders, and exploring places connected through their culture and natural heritage.

International Group Tours

We strongly believe in traveling like a local and therefore step away from mainstream tourist places and enter offbeat regions that let you experience nature and local culture in the most authentic way. Our group tours have a maximum capacity of 20 people. So, even when you travel in a group, it still retains a personal touch.