South America

Cusco Day and Night

At 12000 feet above MSL, stands the ancient capital of the Inca’s. The city of Cusco when seen from air as the flight makes a dash to the landing strip looks like a giant mess of brown and discolored concrete. Looks can be deceptive very deceptive.

Drink water, lots of water and walk slowly”, the locals tell the visitors. The altitude can make things difficult for some especially if you were coming from Lima. Give it some time and you would be ready to walk the streets of Cuzco, and then the image that you saw from the air would fade. I like Cusco in the evening when the sun is not too harsh and the Plaza de mayor, the main square starts to shine, both with the lights and the people that hang out in its womb. This was Cusco for me for me much after I liked Lima. Continue reading Cusco Day and Night